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Beach Hut

Beach Hut

There’s a little place where I happen to go

Somewhere when I feel the need to be on my own

It doesn’t matter if its day or night

It just helps to put things in perspective, to make things right


To hear the waves lapping against the shore

Behind the sand dunes I listen more

Peace and tranquillity is the order of the day

Silent voices of the sea showing me the way


Boats of all shapes and sizes can be seen

I look out at them and wonder if they can see me

I reflect briefly when I was a child

To grow up one day to be a pirate, to rule the seven sea’s so wild


Ice cream, sandcastles and swimmers are never out of place

A cold wind or a summer breeze gently blowing in your face

To take time to reflect your role in the universe and your part in the human race

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