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Irish Pub Guinness Beer

Hare & Hounds

It’s set back from the Ruislip Road,

Popular with locals for years so I’ve been told.

Like all pubs it has a distinct atmosphere and sound,

It’s a strange breed indeed that uses the Hare and Hounds.


“Howdy partner” you’re half expected to hear,

“What’s your poison? Will it be whiskey, bourbon, a bit of slap and tickle perhaps”,

Meekly you answer “No I’ll just have a beer.”


A watering hole where you can congregate to catch up with gossip and news,

Others seem quite vocal in sharing their views.


In the public bar that’s affectionately known as the zoo,

The punters perform tricks while some throw up in the loo.


The Broadway beckons you to sample its culinary delights,

You are drawn by the smell of its many takeaways as you transcend into the night.


The lack of quality shops on the high street is so evidently clear,

A shanty town in the making I’m beginning to fear.

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