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No More

Isn't it strange how some of us fall by the wayside 

And how easy it is to pretend not to see
How the majority of us can fail to understand 
Just how people can drop out of society 

Life has a way of somehow fading to darkness 
Where your soul has lost sight of the light
When you seem to be walking in circles
And the days become one as they merge into the night 

It's so easy to look away
Naturally assuming it's not your concern 
It's just another statistic we try to hide
Another lesson that we've tried and failed to learn 

Under the night sky they shelter in subways and shop corridors 
Waiting for the early morning to arrive

Every day they wake up is an added bonus 
Because tomorrow they may not manage to survive 

No more looking away
No more tears for the dying 
No more just biding our time
We need to face the truth instead of lying 

No more cause for concern but who are we kidding 
No more poverty on our streets
No more misunderstandings 
Let us give a helping hand to get them back on their feet

No more injustice of being another statistic 
No more begging to meet their needs
No more reasons for us to pretend not to notice 
Let's start today by sowing the seed

No more pushing them aside
No more unforgiving attitudes of the few
No more ignoring our responsibilities 
No more judging a life we wouldn't purposely choose 

Cold weather or blazing heat
Rain, wind, sleet or snow
The lines on their faces tell their own torrid stories 
But the reality of it all is we'll probably never really know

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