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Rock festivals and Go-Carts

Summer breezes followed by walks in the parks

Watching street entertainers performing their daring tricks

Oh how I remember that Indian summer of Seventy Six


Flowery dresses and velvet jackets

Cheap transistor radio’s that looked cool but caused a racket

Young teenagers kissing under a giant leafy oak tree

Young people without a care in the world, young people like me


Funfairs that seemed to last all year long

With a party atmosphere you could do no wrong

Even young children would play well into the night

Under a safer environment with the late evenings so bright


Space hoppers bouncing down the street

Skate boards that tended to knock you off your feet

Chopper bikes, cheesecloth shirts and long flares were the order of the day

A moment in time that now looks so very far away


Polo sticks and pick and mix

The lazy hazy day’s that were the summer of Seventy Six

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