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Brain Sketch

Hidden Depths

As I walk along the path of uncertainty

Wondering who the hell I am

Feeling the force of something I can not see

But for now I can only do the best I can


My mind is constantly spinning in circles

Unanswered questions fill my head

Not knowing which way to turn next

Perhaps I’d be better off dead.


Wrapped in a false blanket of security

Far away from the maddening world

There’s no role for me in this society

Nothing I’ve got to say will be heard


Consumed with my own self pity I continue to walk

Along dark well trodden corridors where no one is aware of my plight

But just as I was about to give up on it all

An angel stepped into the light


Challenges are part of everyday life

Nothing is guaranteed to run smooth

Everyday there is a new deck of cards being dealt

But how you play them is up to you

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