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Standing in the Rain

Black & White

Has there been a time when you never listened

Distracted by the words going around inside your head

Wishing instead that you’d taken more advice and wisdom

Now that you know your life hangs perilously by a thread


Have you ever stopped to look at shadows?

And thought to ask them how they might feel

Could it be like you they are standing on the gallows

Fed up with life’s constant turning of the wheel


You’ve always got what you wanted

And now you’re feeling tormented

Maybe because you feel you’ve run your last race?

You’re no longer part of the scene

It takes all of your energy to keep yourself clean

But you still want to prove that you’re not a hopeless case


Why can’t things be as plain as black and white?

Instead of different shades of grey complicating the in-betweens

Darkness will eventually succumb to the light

While nightmares still has no place in stifling your dreams

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