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New Beginnings

The bright sun bursts through the curtain to lift my gloom

Shinning through in a blaze of glory, to clear the shadows in my room

Long faded colours come springing back to life

Undoing all that is wrong and putting back together all that is right


I pull my weary body along the grey winding hall

Each step that I take the less chance I have to fall

Every breath is like a hurdle waiting to be taken

Each calculated movement is an achievement ready to be awakened


The clock counts every second as it slowly ticks away

I feel it’s pulling me back, begging me to stay

But I’m determined that this time I will make it to the door

To take my place back in society that is for sure.


I draw on my inner strength; I no longer feel the need to hide

I guess I’m ready to live again; I no longer want to die

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