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Parking Lot

Ealing Council

Down from the high street stands a building so grey

Where bureaucrats work from nine to five everyday

Thinking up new ways to spend our hard earned cash

They rob us blind while in catacombs they hide their stash


Various departments have their parts to play

Bringing misery to thousands nearly everyday

The lawbreakers that terrorise our neighbourhood just laugh

While the law abiding citizens of Ealing are penalised for their graft


Do not park your car or van on our yellow lines they say

For while doing your job we’ll make sure you have fines to pay

And don’t forget to remember your council tax

Because where will we house the layabouts and yobs that give nothing back


Ealing Council are a law unto them self

Sending bailiffs round to steal other peoples hard earned wealth

They only target those that spend their lives doing well

But the criminals can do anything because they’re just misunderstood

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