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Calm Sea

Our Space Our World

Far away across the sea
Lovers are you and me
Sunrise no surprise 
Blue seas white waves and cloudless skies

Reaching out to touch your hand
The lapping of the waves against golden sands
An oasis where we both could live
Palm trees cool breeze certainly have a lot to give

Bright new moon
Looking down on our secret lagoon 
As twilight breaks from the night 
The stars gracefully fade to give way to dawn's new light

Dreamers are we
Two lovers thinking loud and free
Walking through our promised land
No material possessions to weigh us down just our footsteps left in the sand

Our thoughts are as one in a world that we've made our paradise 
Being truthful with each other by telling no lies
Our very own world created by you and me
Surrounded by the universe and rejoicing in the spiritual vibration that comes from the sea

At peace within our own environment are we
Two lovers hoping to for fill their destiny 
Lighting a small campfire to take the edge off a light wind chill
To enjoy splendid isolation together forever in our new world I'm sure we always will

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