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Astronomical Clock

A Canister Full of Secrets

Tumbling through space since the beginning of time

Is something no one can detect with telescopes or the naked eye?

An object that may have value to all of us

Perhaps it’s something from God sent with the minimum of fuss


It could be Christ in a last bid to save the world

Or an alien from another planet sent to warn us of our peril

Travelling vast distances over millions of light years

Before slowing down as its final destination nears


Time is running out for us to change our ways

The rehearsals in this life are over, its time to move on to the next phase

How many chances must we be given to amend our past mistakes?

To question whether we are indeed the real article or just glorified fakes


To the vast majority of us tomorrow will bring yet another dawn

And just in case it doesn’t how many out there will care enough to mourn

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